Neighborhood Matching Grant

The city of Charlotte has a Neighborhood Matching Grant Program that allows our neighborhood to get up to $10,000 in funds once or twice per year if approved and if all paperwork and volunteer hours are completed. SBF needs to match the funds with volunteer or cash contributions. Volunteer hrs are worth approximately $30/hr. So if one applied for a $300 grant, about 10 volunteer hours would be needed. Details about the program and how to apply are located here:

The first grant our neighborhood received was for $10K towards a new playground system which costs about $20K for materials and $20K for installation.

We are applying for another $10K grant in 2022 for adding electricity to the picnic shelter and also planting about 200 landscaping trees to the park area. This money is essentially free if we meet the grant requirements and is not related to the HOA dues members pay.

Having electricity at the picnic shelter will allow for many great activities such as: HOA hosting movie nights, pop corn, food heating, music, cooling fans, lights and to power special occasion needs like bounce houses, construction/landscaping equipment, DJ's etc. Tentatively the timer will be set so electricity can only be used while the park is open from approximately 8am to 8pm.

Planting Trees will have the following benefits:

  1. Less area that needs mowing saving the HOA money by planting trees to the Left and right areas that really are not used by anyone. In 2022 lawn care was $7200 (our single biggest expense). The HOA might be able to save more than 50%. We are currently investigating alternatives.

  2. The single Red line of Evergreen Arborvitae trees adjacent to the playground area will provide shade during the hot summer months so the playground is more enjoyable to use.

  3. When mature, the trees will remove about 10,000 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

  4. The trees will come from which provides the trees for about a 75% discount, digs the holes and provides mulch.

  5. Low maintenance trees will be chosen similar to the native trees already growing on the land. The HOA has never spent any money on tree trimming or maintenance in the park (as far as I know) and we hope to keep it that way.

  6. Trees are beautiful and enhance the environment.

Below are two images that show proposed electrical upgrades and tree planting areas. Areas circled in yellow are where most trees would be planted. The red lines represent rows of arborvitae trees to be planted as a hedge. This will allow the park to be broken up into different zones for better landscape management. This is just a preliminary layout. Trees Charlotte will work with the board to determine best placement and what species to plant.

In order to meet this goal we need about 200 volunteer hours.

Please email with how many hours you could donate. Some of these are super easy! If you decorate your home for Halloween or Christmas that would count. If you get your kids to decorate the sidewalk in front of your house with chalk that will count. Come watch a movie counts too! Here are some events we are thinking of having.

Chili cook off

Movies at the park

Halloween decorating

Christmas decorating

Chalk sidewalk decorating

Helping plant new trees in the park

Attend annual meeting

Create your own neighborhood event and let the board know!