Our new payments website is . You can download the app to your smart phone to pay or you can go to their web site by clicking here.

Please fill out the correct form: 1. General  Questions, 2. Architectural Changes, 3. Violations, 4. Street Light repairs, 5. HOA closing documents for people selling their home.
1. General HOA Questions click here: contact form
2. Architectural changes, google maps & photos/drawings needed click here: ARC  form.
3. Violation reports (Take a photo before filling out this form) click here:  Violation Reporting form
4.   Street light repairs are handled by Duke Energy click here.
5.   If you are selling your home click here.  To order closing documents. Fees are nonrefundable.
Google Voice Number: 980-236-9248. (980-be-my-bit). Please note we typically text back so best to call from a cell phone line.

Please remember that Board members are unpaid volunteers and may take some time to get back to you. The above forms get sent to all board members automatically and should be used first because the results are neatly stored in a database that the board uses to track issues.

Board Members:  Rolland Elliott , Jessica Klessler & Angela Wallace. Officers:  Treasurer is Thomas Lomas.

Ace Landscaping  does our lawncare and is available to do your  own lawn for around $30-$50  Phone: 9802417986  Mobile: 9802417986