If a time is not available on the picnic reservation calendar below it is because it is already booked for that time slot. 

Quarterly Board meetings: 1st Tues of March, June, Sept & Dec. @ 6:45pm on Zoom.

Annual Meeting is held 1st Tues in Oct @ 7pm on same zoom link.

The annual meeting is held virtually (see below for zoom link). 

The lawyer in the video below discusses how House bill 320 affects HOA virtual and physical meetings. The last 4 minutes from 42:20 onward address how voting can be done. 

If you would like to present any item to the neighborhood please email/discuss this with the board at least one month before the meeting so we have time to put it in the agenda and mail this out to all home owners. 

Virtual Board Meetings are typically held via Zoom on the first Tuesday Quarterly 7pm. (March,June Sept. & Dec.) Links to meetings are typically posted on the website and facebook group. You can email for any agenda items you wish to discuss at a meeting. 

To participate via zoom for the board meetings:

Personal Meeting ID 714 088 7682 

Passcode is 1234

Mics will be muted for all virtual meetings by the presenter for clarity.. The presenter must open up the mics for questions at the end of their presentation. If there is a small number of people than the presenter may opt to not mute mics. 

Annual Community Yard sale is any weekend in April.

Got any ideas for community events? The board would love to add more to this calendar and help fund the event if appropriate, just contact us.